Westland HQ Case Study

Westland is a property and casualty insurance provider. After leasing new buildings, their executives wanted to put their offices to the best possible use, considering the varying needs of departments and differing work styles.

Space Liberated


Commute Time Saved

26,520 hours/week

CO2 Saved

102 tons /week


Surrey, BC


Professional Services

Westland is a leading insurance provider specializing in property and casualty insurance brokerage. They are headquartered in British Columbia, with a network of locations across Canada.

Westland engaged the Pivvot process to figure out their new space requirements given the impact of the pandemic on how work is done. With a survey 70% response rate, we used the insights to plan their new workspace, offer recommendations and forecast for the future. 

After the Pivvot staff assessment process, 75% of employees were predicted to work out of the office in a hybrid fashion – only coming in as required. Most others will be working remotely, while 10% will be in the office full time. Of those that will work in the office – hybrid and full time, about half of their staff were willing to move to a non-assigned seating model. Most hybrid employees will also be using bookable meeting rooms. Their staff also expressed that in designing a new workplace arrangement, they value workplace flexibility and wellness the most.

The Solution

Westland was able to predict staff needs for each department for strategic planning purposes using our Pivvot Dashboard tools and survey data. As a result, the company was able to restructure their office space based on staff persona. As a result, Westland will be reallocating their office space towards better use and future growth. Their staff will also be saving 25000 hours of commute time while reducing building and vehicle carbon monoxide emissions.  

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