Powered by People

At the heart of a thriving business is a thriving culture. Culture guides our every interaction and behaviour. In an era of continued workplace evolution, it is imperative to preserve the single most important asset to your business: your people.

At the core of our offerings is a robust software solution that is powered by personas.

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Driven by Data

Our bold analytics system helps reimagine the way businesses –
and the humans that support them – collaborate.


What makes Pivvot unique

We facilitate leadership alignment that allows for ongoing scenario planning and
organizational thinking.

Actionable Insights

Pivvot's Workstyle Personas are created from leadership alignment and employee assessments, informing three dashboards that help influence work style, space allocation, and economic decisions - giving you the data you need to augment your workspace.

Scenario Planning

Pivvot helps businesses test varying scenarios and stay future-ready for the needs of tomorrow. As thought-leaders in operational agility, we help you understand spaces that work for your people.

Expert Advice

Pivvot is more than just a transformative scenario planning technology. Combined with expert consultation, it eliminates assumptions with unbiased, data-driven and people-powered calculations.

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“We found the Pivvot process to be very helpful in future planning for the firm.”

Dumoulin Black


“We found Pivvot to be a great timesaver, fantastic data and very well thought out.”


“Pivvot has a process that is a method to the madness.”


“Pivvot brough clarity to how our team workstyle personas would look in a post Covid world in relation to the office space needed.”

Heather Lefebvre, Canfor

“We were able to confidently make a decision to move to a hybrid work model in our new head office, which I’m not sure how we would have done that without using Pivvot.”

Keri Fraser, Westland Insurance

“We used Pivvot and found that the objective summary of our team’s individual feedback was very helpful to our understanding of how we work best and what office space is needed to support us moving forward.”

Carina Bittel, Clark Wilson LLP

Are you ready to future-proof your workspace?

We facilitate leadership alignment that allows for ongoing
scenario planning and evolved organizational thinking.

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