Roper Greyell Case Study

Roper Greyell is a Vancouver based law firm that specializes in labor law and human rights. They engaged with the Pivvot process to restructure their office and draft an appropriate hybrid work policy.

Space Liberated

Commute Time Saved

150 hours/week

CO2 Saved


Vancouver, BC




Roper Greyell is a law practice based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their specialty ranges from labor law and human rights to workplace health and safety.

Their executives shared that the past few years have changed their work-style and space requirement. As such they will integrate remote work as part of its business operations post-pandemic.

We carried out a thorough staff assessment to identify each worker’s persona based on factors like their role, preferred work style, commute time, and job demands. The survey had a 92% response rate. After the Pivvot staff assessment process, about 80% of employees were predicted to work out of the office in a hybrid work style. The rest will be fully in-office. Over two thirds of employees were open to adopting bookable desks, while the rest opted for dedicated offices.  

The Solution

Their executives decided that a hybrid work arrangement was appropriate for their law firm, adjusting the policy based on departments and job descriptions. This plan will also entail bookable offices and increased meeting room capacity. 

By engaging with the Pivvot process, the company liberated xxx% of their office space for remodelling.  Employees will also be saving about 150  hours weekly on commute time while reducing environmental pollution. 

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