Possabilities Case Study

possAbilities is an organization that supports individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities. Their executives shared that the pandemic has changed their work style and space requirement. With Pivvot insights, they were able to craft a balanced post-covid work arrangement as well as predict company and staff needs for the strategic planning purposes.

Space Liberated


Commute Time Saved

75 h/week

CO2 Saved

42 Tons CO2/year


Vancouver, BC



PossAbilities is an organization that supports individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities. They are based in Vancouver, with a current headcount of around 150 employees. 

Possabilities needed to figure out their post covid space requirements and work arrangement. As such, they engaged with the Pivvot process to rethink their office space and draft an appropriate hybrid work policy. 

We carried out a thorough staff assessment to identify each worker’s persona based on factors like their role, preferred work style, commute time, and job demands. The survey had a 84% response rate. After the Pivvot staff assessment process, 75% of employees were predicted to work out of the office in a hybrid fashion. The rest are predicted to either be fully remote or fully in-office. Almost all employees were open to adopting bookable desks, while few roles opted for dedicated offices.  

The Solution

The overarching problem was to figure out each team’s space and work requirements going forward. By engaging with the Pivvot process, the company liberated 30% of their office space for new, innovative purposes.  Employees will also be saving on commute time while reducing the environmental impact. 

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